How to value a translation?

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This is one of those questions that many young translators ask themselves. Even more so that this is usually the first of the questions of the client of the translation agency. But is it possible to give such a simple answer that the translation is valued in this way and not the other? Sadly not. The valuation of a translation is often an individual matter. However, there are a few rules that are worth following in this matter. How to value a translation? First of all, fair to each party. And what does it look like in practice? We check. Today, some advice on how to value a translation well and what is included in such a valuation.

How are written translations valued?

The answer to this question is more difficult than we think. Because there is not really a single price list for translation. Because every translation is different. This is not a store where we buy a given, finished product created by tape. Translation is a very individual matter. Therefore, always the translator will approach each of them differently. However, this does not mean that there are no certain rules that the interpreter follows when pricing. Certain parameters are common to all of them. These are the rules that every translator follows when determining the price of a translation. What are these parameters? One of them is the unit of account. What is it and why is it so important? It turns out that it is on her that the cost of translation largely depends. Therefore, it is worth getting to know her more closely. Of course, this is not the only component of the price of a written translation, but more on that in a moment. So let’s get to know the billing page, that is, the unit on which the price of a written translation depends.

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Are you surprised? After all, each page looks the same and you just need to translate the text from the source language to the target one. Well, in a way, yes. However, the truth is that the translation of the page does not refer to the A4 page known to all of us. In other words, the translation page is not identical to the A4 page. So, how are the pages counted? Let’s start at the beginning. The billing page is formed by a certain number of characters with spaces of the final product, that is, translated text. So, what number of characters in the text creates such a translation? It depends on its type of translation. With regular translations, it is usually 1800 characters with spaces, that is, like who prefers 250 words on a page. Usually this is the conversion unit. However, not always.

Sometimes as the base rate for this type of translation is given the number of 1500 characters with or without spaces. A certified translation is valued differently. The sworn translator also applies to accounting the number of characters with spaces. Only that it is created by a specific, preimposed quantity. The authenticated translation page includes 1125 characters with spaces or as who prefers 25 lines of 45 characters each. Importantly, every translation page you start counts as a whole page. even if there is only one word on it. This is not surprising, because these are the rules. Unit of account is the only constant when valuing a translation. Other components are variable. What factors are these? We check.

How is a written translation valued?

It turns out that the price of translation is influenced by many factors. This is not only the working time of the translator, but also the amount of work and the translation mode. Let’s start with the fact that each translation is priced individually. There are no two translations alike. An exception here can only be a sworn translation of standard documents that have the same scheme and form. Other translations are a completely different story and valuation. The price of a translation is primarily influenced by the language and direction of translation. The rarer the foreign language, the price for translation will be higher. Similarly, when we order a translation from Polish to English. In the opposite direction, that is, from English to Polish will have a different price than in the first case. it is easier to translate into native language, so translating the text into Polish should be cheaper.

Another issue is the type of translation. Normally, ordinary translation rates are lower than for authenticated ones. The price of the translation also depends on the difficulty of the text. Otherwise, we will look at the translation of a simple text, and in a different way at a specialized translation. In both cases, different knowledge and a different range of knowledge of a foreign language are required.

And finally, one of the most important things that affect the valuation of a translation. This is the term for the translation. In fact, in many cases, it is he who has the greatest influence on its valuation. If we order a regular translation, the lead time is usually 2 business days. However, in case we need it for cito, we order an express translation. Then it will be made even on the day of placing the order for translation. However, performing a translation in this mode means higher costs associated with it. Often the cost of the translation itself is only 50% of the final price for an instant service. But that’s not all about this issue yet.

How the translation is valued also depends on the volume of the text, that is, the number of pages. The larger their number, the higher the cost of translation. It is worth paying attention to one factor that is of particular importance for the valuation of the translation. This is the file format of the source text in which we upload the text for translation. Basically, the translator works on Word files. So if we send it in such a file, we will save money and the translator time. So if we send a text in a PDF file for translation, the translation itself will take more time, because the translator will focus on technical issues at the beginning, and not on the translation.

As you can see, the translation valuation is not as easy as we think. However, does this mean that translations into foreign language or Polish are expensive? Not necessarily. Yes, the translator should value himself. Too cheap translation should cause our anxiety. After all, even a native speaker must involve their knowledge and skills in the translation of a given language.

Professional translations have a similar price. Because only translation done by an experienced translator is the best choice here. Therefore, the level of translation and prices should be similar in the industry and not deviate from accepted standards.

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